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We provide premium Electrical and Automation solutions to fit your every business need.



At Electrosoft, quality isn't just a goal - it's the purpose.

Electrosoft is a leading company engaged in manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of electrical control panels and automation systems to all industries be small scale or corporate or government. All the products of the company are manufactured as per the international quality standards.



After our estimation engineers thoroughly study your requirements, we quote our best prices along with a Bill of Material (BOM). Then, you give us a formal document stating the work to be done and agreed commercial terms. We reply with a similar document so that we both know we are on the same page. This is where our design engineers do the magic and develop SLD, GA and wiring diagram for you. We then send you these drawings for your approval to start manufacturing. Our sheet metal artists and precise CNC machinery make the enclosures as per the approved design. The enclosure modules are then powder coated with 7-tank process. After all the pieces are powder coated, we assemble the enclosure. Our QC team checks the enclosure and the received materials. It is made sure that the enclosure is flawless and manufactured as per the design. The materials are checked for quantity, ratings and visible manufacturing defects. We fit the procured material inside the enclosure ensuring that it is been done as per the approved GA diagram. Relevant internal, external and component labels are applied as per the approved drawing. Our experienced wiremen get to work and wire the panel artistically ensuring that it is done as per the approved wiring diagram. In case of automation systems, we upload PLC and SCADA programs. Then our support personnel clean and tidy up the product for final quality inspection. We check the system for proper component mounting as per approved drawings, proper harnessing and crimping of wire lugs. This step also verifies the Internal labels to be appropriate as per approved drawings. Our senior level technical executives perform routine tests (HV, Megger etc.) and test the panel for desired functionality and prepare the test reports. This is the final quality check on the product which is done really thoroughly, ensuring that only the best products leave our factory. We invite you to our premises to check and approve the product. The product is carefully packed as per the packing type described in commercial terms and conditions. Then, the packed product along with the test reports, QC reports and other documentation is dispatched. As soon as the product reaches you, so do our installation team to put the whole system into operation. Send us load list / IO list / P&I diagram / electrical drawing or simply put your imagination into words. Our purchase team gets the required material from our vendors as per the approved BOM.



All our products go through a 3-step Quality Assurance Plan to ensure no stone is left unturned.



We have organized ourselves in such a way that we can operate 362 days a year for 14 hours a day, so that your products reach on time.



We guarantee that you won't find a better product for the prices we offer. 

More than 80% of our business runs on orders from repeat customers.


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